No TV shoot

Found out late on Tuesday that Rachael Ray shoot was canceled. So much for my star turn, but at least I can focus on my last few days here at the Ridge, which are starting to get sentimental – my last kickboxing class! my last mountain class! I’m telling you, I don’t really want to leave! My comfy little exercise and weight-loss bubble, with easy socializing (except for the boarding-school drama) and people who cook and clean for me and no responsibilities and mono-focus and continued fitness improvements? Why go anywhere else? I do love it here. But I also know that I will be so happy to see all the loved ones and liked ones in LA, and be back in my house with my pups, and hang out with the peeps at the office, and start training with Megan for our March triathlon. Home again home again, jiggity jig. Over and out.


One response to “No TV shoot

  1. Go Jen go!!!! I’ve been following your blog with delight and cheering you loudly the whole way from…yes.. my couch. What a fantastic trip it’s been, even lived vicariously. Now it’s time for a major cyber-hug and high five! Here’s wishing you many happily ever Afters. (Who needs Rachael Ray?) and I can’t wait to see your fab self when you’re next in New York. Just promise not to make me climb stairs….

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