I’m the owner and founder of Knock Knock, with global headquarters in Venice, CA. About twenty of us create and manufacture witty gift and stationery stuff, as well as publish our own humorous nonfiction books, and sell them to the likes of Urban Outfitters. Since starting the company, in 2002, between the long hours and high stress, I haven’t taken care of myself too well. I finally have the opportunity to turn that around, and am fortunate to be spending 10 weeks at Fitness Ridge (okay, the Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge) to get fit and lose weight. I don’t know if this blog will continue after this experience (indeed, I’ve been known to ridicule unnecessary blogs), but for now, it’s a documentation of an unprecedented time in my life.


One response to “About

  1. Let me set you up with the agent who will make you a killer book deal based on the blog!

    Liz Gilbert has nothing on you.

    Have fun, see rewards, and come back to us–renewed, restored, and ripe for the picking!


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